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Chinese Crypto Miner Arrested for Stealing Electricity

Chinese miner arrested: A man has been arrested in the Anhui Province of China for allegedly stealing 150 megawatts (MW) of electricity. Chinese...

Foreign Exchanges and Crypto | Should you Inform the IRS?

The IRS may be cracking down on crypto bought on foreign exchanges as part of a technicality involving overseas holdings. Americans who hold...





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Crypto Tech Isn’t Good Enough for National Digital Currency, Says Swiss Central Bank Director

The board director of the central bank Thomas Moser voiced his doubts about the possibility of an ‘e-franc’ state cryptocurrency when speaking...

Japan Slaps 6 Crypto Exchanges with Business Improvement Orders

Japan’s financial regulator has targeted six licensed cryptocurrency exchanges to issue business improvement orders, ramping up its scrutiny of the sector. Following on-site inspections...

NANO Issues Alert on Android App Vulnerability, Urges Users to Move Funds

NANO, which recently rebranded from RaiBlocks in January 2018, has issued a statement alerting users about a vulnerability in their android wallet, urging...

Chinese Police Seize 200 Bitcoin, Ethereum Mining Rigs Over Electricity Theft

Chinese police have reportedly seized over 200 computers used to mine bitcoin and ethereum in a crypto-mining operation that allegedly stole electricity. According to...

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Robinhood Stock Trading App | Applying for a National Banking Carter

Robinhood stock trading app: A National Banking Charter is attractive to many financial tech companies but alas! it is very hard to get. That hasn’t stopped California-based stock trading app...

Blockchain in Switzerland | Blockchain will “Penetrate” it’s Entire Economy

Blockchain in Switzerland: It seems that blockchain technology is expected to infiltrate Switzerland’s even more-so. Already, the Alpine nation has been known as quite the hot-spot for all things...
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