March 25, 2018

While the world assumes that the bubble has popped, little do they realize that communities are blossoming everywhere.

Neal and Nathan discuss signs of how healthy the crypto is lately, with so many exciting projects and people looking to give a helping hand however they can.

One exciting project that has caught Neal’s eye is Turtlecoin, which is a privacy launched last December. It gives enthusiasts an opportunity to join a committed community, and actually make an impact on a crypto without having to participate in an ICO. It’s also a great oppotunity to dip your toe into mining and understand why it’s an important part of blockhain

Check out more about Turtlecoin at:

Also, Nathan notes how he is seeing a boom in meetups in Berlin, and made a lucky break in his company Minespider thanks to the growing crypto community support.

We wrap up with a quick on the interview; Nathan grabbed Saar Levi, CEO of CEDEX at the Cryptocurrency World Expo this week.


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