When the American Association of Port Authorities () met in Washington, D.C. for its recently-concluded Spring Conference, it made clear its solid support for Congressional approval of the States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). The new treaty, negotiated by President Trump is designed to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) .

“AAPA supports free and fair trade,” said AAPA Vice President of Government Relations, Susan Monteverde. “Seaports are at the frontlines of the current uncertainties surrounding U.S. trade policy.  It’s important to recognize that international trade, both exports and imports, is good for American workers and our economy.”

Paul Bingham, Director of Transportation Freight Consulting at IHS Markit told LM in an interview that AAPA is an “hemispheric” organization that believes USMCA is a better alternative than simply withdrawing from NAFTA.

“Otherwise, there would be too much border disruption,” he added. 

Testifying last week before the House Ways & Means Committee on Trade, Monteverde was even more adamant:

 “The USMCA modernizes trade agreements with our two neighboring nations, and we urge to make passage of the USMCA a priority,” she said. 

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