Bryan Bishop and Trace Mayer talk about technical aspects of Bitcoin and Bitcoin .

About the episode.


Show Notes

  • 00:00:46 R; Welcome & Intro.
  • 00:01:14 – How got in to Bitcoin.
  • 00:0:39 – What kind of technical debt have we seen with Bitcoin and how difficult is it to work with consensus critical code?
  • 00:10:16 – Bishop explains what is happening in bitcoin development.
  • 00:12:01 – Bishop explains what is coming down the pipeline with BTC development.
  • 00:16:28 – Bishop explains what sig hash no input means.
  • 00:18:11 – Bishop talks about how developers signal multiple soft forks at the same time.
  • 00:20:36 – Bishop gives his advice for listeners.
  • 00:22:16 – Bishop tells what he is most excited for in the next few years.

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