Hello fellow, I graduated with of chain management and have been working from last 3 years. From express to label and semiconductor industry, hold various position in demand planning and material planning. I quite enjoy doing analysis for demand and stock to buy. Recently I’m thinking about go back to school for higher education, I’m looking for to get of Operation System management (part of IE, they will show you how tools work, total quality management, lean, six sigma etc). I would like to ask for professionals here, most of the time people tends to do Industrial Engineer and then they decide to push for chain (at least that what’s happened in my country). So do yourself as a recruiter with valuable this combo degree or a SCM and an CSCP certificate ? Have to note that does not receive much in my country.

I’m also looking for advices from professionals as I will get master degree in Germany and would like to get job there (yes with some Germans knowledge). Thanks a lots.

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