Hey everyone! First time post to r/supplychain! Apologies in advance for the novel. Looking for some advice on how to advance my SCM and hopefully move forward from the realm of buyer/planner.

A quick background on me and my experience – about 9 ago, I graduated with a bachelors degree in sociology (don’t ask,)took a customer service job at a warehousing/distribution company after a referral from a family friend. About 6 months into that, I moved over to purchasing and became a buyer across multiple product categories. Stayed in that general role for a few , became a lead buyer to help manage a few other buyers in my category, but eventually moved to a business development/strategic sourcing role within the organization. After working there for 6 , I took the opportunity to move to a different company, but went back to a buyer role with some manufacturing planning as well.

I’m still in the role as a buyer/planner, as I have been for 2-1/2 years now, but I’m wondering what kind of education or certifications I should look into to help advance my career. I’ve considered CPIM, but a fellow co-worker went through the certification process and it doesn’t seem to have changed his standing or salary level. I’ve also looked at going back to school, but am mildly concerned that my GPA from almost years ago would hold me back from getting into an MBA program, but the thought of trying to get a second bachelors degree seems like a terrible idea.

The other thought I’ve had is working toward getting my customs broker since it’s something that’s been a big role at both companies I’ve worked for.

Does anyone have any ideas on where to start? Certificates, further education, etc.? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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