Shorten your bullet points should really have 3-4 and the points should be a sentence or two at most. Just short and sweet. You don’t want to reveal all your cards too quickly you want them to know just enough to invite you to an interview and so you tell them all the more about your specific experiences.

I’d list the software title and proficiency of the said software. Id use words like sense of urgency, using creative solutions, you follow up and follow through. I wouldn’t say leadership or distribution experience it’s already listed in your try not to be redundant. Your last bullet point you can use first sentence in your skills and the last as the bullet. “By week 4 stock production rose from 40% to 60%” that’s all it should say.

Awards/achievements should be in a section by itself. So list the achievement and a bullet for what you got it for.

I would have your Kroger title listed as your final job title so lead overnight such and such. I wouldnt say you filled in for a manager either that’s the kind of information/experience you can bring up in your interview

My Experience is in procurement for fortune 150 company and logistics experience for fortune 150 company.

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