by Angela Guess

According to a recent press release, “DataStax, a leading provider of the always-on data layer for the Right-Now Enterprise, today announced the immediate availability of DataStax Managed Cloud on Microsoft Azure. Managed , a fully managed, white-glove service, on Azure eliminates the operational data tasks, allowing to focus on innovation that drives business success. DataStax Managed Cloud is the always-on data layer available on public cloud with secure, expert managed services, powered by one of the industry’s best distributions of Apache Cassandra™. Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. ‘Now available on Microsoft Azure, DataStax’s latest Managed Cloud service delivers a fully managed data layer that serves an organization’s many users and ,’ said James Curtis, senior analyst, data platforms & analytics, 451 Research. ‘The cloud service is targeted at organizations that would prefer to focus on innovation instead of dealing with all of the administrative headaches associated with managing a data platform’.”

The release goes on, “DataStax Managed Cloud on Azure is a solution for customers who want a comprehensive hybrid-cloud data layer, that is fully managed by DataStax to build applications that are highly contextual, always-on, real-time, globally distributed, and infinitely scalable. DataStax Managed Cloud on Azure allows enterprises to: Offload operational tasks, including: backup and recovery, upgrades, security patches, and performance optimization — to DataStax. Plus, it reduces risk with a white-glove service of experts and grows as business expands. Accelerate time-to-market using a single underlying data layer that can run on-premise or on public cloud. The solution requires no re-write of applications against every cloud provider’s proprietary data service and allows the creation of APIs and micro-services architectures to a consistent data layer.”

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