by Angela Guess

According to a recent press release, “Dimebox, a payment technology provider, announced the release of a new user interface () for their white-label software platform, featuring GPU-powered visualization capabilities. With this release, users can interactively explore billions of records, without sacrificing performance. Dimebox is the first payments platform to leverage GPU technology for payment aggregation and presentation. Dimebox provides white-label payment technology to financial institutions globally. Solutions such as transaction processing, fraud prevention and analytics are all offered through one API, within a unified payment platform. With the new UI, clients of Dimebox benefit from the platform’s scalable data visualization capabilities.”

David Jokinen, CPO of Dimebox, commented, “A key mission at Dimebox is to facilitate the growth of our customers by offering them unprecedented access to the payment data they need to make smart business decisions. Our gateway aggregates and structures this data, and our UI presents it analytically, from the broadest overviews to the finest details. This interactive process is designed to be easy to use and actionable in real time.”

The release adds, “Market research revealed that payment service providers want to offer their customers a multitude of information at once, affording them the freedom to choose what to focus on. The non-modal structure of the UI includes large-scale representations like graphs and tables, and detail panes containing all elements of a given item, accessible concurrently in the same view. In addition to its data visualization capabilities, the UI supports essentially all capabilities of the comprehensive API, including customer , a payment terminal for mail-order and telephone-order transactions, extensive transaction reporting and a full suite of administrative tools.”

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