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Will shippers change their approach to procuring trucking capacity ?

a ’s perspective was a tough year for procuring truck
transportation, as carriers gained the upper negotiating hand in a
volume-starved market. The experience required many shippers to become more
amenable to carriers’ service needs – but will this shift continue as capacity
shortages ease and the balance of power in the truck market moves back towards the

was discussed during the Innovation
in Transportation Roundtable: Disrupting the Dominant Design of Procurement and
roundtable, February 12 to 13, 2019, organized by MIT CTL’s FrieghtLab.
At the event, some 40 organizations including carriers, logistics service
providers and shippers, explored key industry issues such as the effectiveness
of transportation contracts, the emergence of digital freight matching and the
challenges of big analytics in trucking.

Not just kumbaya

who go out of their way to be collaborative are “ shippers” suggested a roundtable attendee. Typically, they work with carriers to strike a mutually acceptable balance between market capacity demands, service needs, and freight rates.

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