Announcing the Career Fair on April 18, 

There is a significant shortage of talent in the blockchain space. Across the industry, companies are looking to hire new developers, marketers, accountants, financial consultants, and more, to help them accelerate their progress towards their goals. To address this need, Blockchain at Berkeley is excited to be hosting the Blockchain Career Fair at UC Berkeley on April 18th alongside Dekrypt Capital, Cryptoparency, ZS Blockchain, 500 Startups, and GBIC.

The Blockchain Career Fair is an opportunity to network and make the leap towards a new career in the always changing and exciting blockchain space. We’ll be hosting over 25 companies including NEO, Consensys, and Zcash — all of whom are looking for exceptional interns and full-time employees.

Our job fair is unique, because it will be globally distributed. Companies can choose to livestream themselves globally, allowing them to address the questions of not only those physically attending but also everyone virtually interested in learning more. Additionally, applicants from all around the world can send in their resumes, regardless of their location through our virtual resume drop.

We welcome anyone interested in exploring the blockchain space, regardless if you’re a student or a seasoned professional. Since we want to expose as many possible people to the blockchain space, we’ve made this event completely free. This is really special given how many talented blockchain leaders will be gathered in one space. As the is still early-stage, there still are significant opportunities to become a thought leader quickly. For talented developers, there is the potential to secure both a high salary and genuinely fulfilling work. And for business-oriented people, there are also incredibly exciting roles like community manager which are unique to the blockchain community.

We’re really excited for the future of blockchain technology and genuinely hope that it succeeds. To make sure this happens, more than ever, we need talented and dedicated people. If you think you’re one of them, don’t hesitate and get your free ticket below before we run out:

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