March 11, 2019

Poor Visibility Increases E-commerce Costs

The superb growth of e-commerce has to increased costs, and while e-commerce increases at an average rate of 19 percent, have continued operating with the same tools and resources.

Although minor details about traditional, palletized shipments, like delays and time to delivery, can affect retailers, the smallest changes in e-commerce could drive customers away permanently.

A customer may forgive shippers for first-time mistakes, but getting it right on the second try is essential to success.

Even last-mile delivery is suffering from lacking visibility in the age of e-commerce, and shippers may lack the resources necessary to ramp up productivity and efficiency to meet growing demand, which may rise more than 15 percent annually for the next few .

Meanwhile, the costs of operating within the state of e-commerce logistics surpassed $117.2 billion in 2017, and similar increases are already underway for 2018.

As well as covering how to manage e-commerce logistics costs, this paper also addresses issues concerning;

  • What About Warehousing in E-commerce?
  • How to Excel in Current Conditions
  • How New Technologies & Supply Chain Practices will Enable E-Commerce Competition

Download this white paper and find out how an effective e-commerce logistics strategy is only as strong as its weakest link, and the weakest link may be your understanding of the current and logistics surrounding e-commerce.

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