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A year ago, Kuebix introduced a game-changing technology which would change online-logistics communities for the better.

This piece of technology is Kuebix Free Shipper, the industry’s first free multimodal TMS offering unlimited rating, booking, and tracking of TL, LTL and parcel freight.

In the year since it was first introduced to the supply chain industry, Kuebix’s user-base has grown to over 15,000 companies.

This means that Kuebix’s Global Logistics Community is rapidly growing and the opportunities for collaboration are innumerable.

We all know that the transportation industry is currently faced with a number of challenges.

Transportation Industry Challenges

There is a shortage of drivers, not enough capacity to haul freight, and consumers are demanding better final mile options and customer experience.

In order to meet these new criteria, companies with freight to ship need to work collaboratively and leverage technology to their advantage.

The issue of collaboration has been a difficult one up until this point.

Companies in different industries don’t generally have a reason to communicate, so finding common opportunities and bridging this divide is initially difficult.

It all changes when companies come together with a single piece of cloud-based technology.

Transportation Management System

transportation management system (TMS) is the ideal way to unite shippers and form an online logistics community where different members collaborate to share capacity, find better rates, and fill backhaul opportunities.

Since the launch of Kuebix Free Shipper and its unprecedented growth and expansion of the Kuebix Global Logistics Community, Kuebix has launched its first service built exclusively for the community.

The service, called Kuebix Community Load Match, helps shippers find and book truckload rates on the spot market to help them overcome the capacity crunch.

This is only the first of many community member benefits, and Kuebix is set to announce new partnerships and programs which will bring additional value to the Global Logistics Community.

Companies looking for advanced functionality, analytics, and multiple users/locations can upgrade to Kuebix Business Pro and Kuebix Enterprise and then seamlessly add Premier Applications and Integrations as needed.

The ecosystem of shippers, suppliers, and carriers within the community use Kuebix TMS to gain visibility of opportunities to coordinate capacity with demand.

Members leverage Kuebix to fight the capacity crunch, driver shortage, and to meet the ever-increasing expectations of consumers.

The first year since Kuebix Free Shipper was launched has been full of unprecedented growth.

One-year highlights include:

  • Over 15,000 companies have signed up for Kuebix TMS and joined the shipping community
  • Kuebix Community Load Match launched as a new community service to enable users to find and book much-needed truckload capacity

We are excited to see what tools and services will be available to the community in the coming year!

Want to see where it all began? Watch the Kuebix Free Shipper video above.

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The Future of Freight: Why We Launched a Free Transportation Management System

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