May 15, 2018

Digitization and shifting customer expectations have greatly increased supply complexity.

It’s forced us to rely upon a complex of internal and external systems and parties spread across the globe.

And end-to-end visibility with is the only way to truly optimize and better serve our customers.

It’s those companies that are granular control that are experiencing tangible to their bottom line.

Despite the fact that “control” is in the name, not all control towers are created equal.

Visibility tied directly into analytics can be useful, but it’s not enough.

Only operational supply chain control towers offer the end-to-end visibility and control that enable you to make better decisions on customer orders and in your supply chain plan in real-time, greatly impacting your customer experience and relationships.

However, most importantly, control towers are only as good as the underlying processes they serve, so it’s crucial to map your business flows and take the time to set your expectations and goals.

Finding the right control tower and the right partner for your business depends upon having an aligned vision.

Draw up a list of requirements, your potential partners, and make sure that your prospective control tower is going to meet your needs, not just today, but for the foreseeable .

There is enormous and largely untapped potential in achieving end-to-end supply chain visibility and real-time control across your multi-enterprise supply chain.

As tailored customer experience continues to grow in importance, it may prove to be the defining factor in the future success of your business and be a source of true competitive advantage.

Download this white paper and find out the evolution of the control tower, and what it means to embrace and extract value from all this complexity, and how to select and implement the right control tower for your business.

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