I know the title might be a bit confusing so let me explain a little more on the subject: I had gotten hired into a a year and a half ago as a facilities maintenance technician in an amusement park. I did my job as my title says but about 3 months in I began to do something outside of my title and in a very odd way I started creating a new position within the . I began to sort out all the inventory for the amusement park ride parts (everything was scattered everywhere) and eventually was in charge of all the inventory for rides and facilities. The director made me the administrator of the inventory and was given full authority over a million dollars worth of parts and supplies for the attractions. I created a QR code to check out these parts to the ride technicians and have since kept all inventory locked in a warehouse with a limited number of keys to it. They assigned some employees in another department to help me and so I taught them what I knew (although their main priority is what they got hired in for). Knowing the parts and what we have or are needing, my then also made me the buyer for inventory for both facilities and rides. When they threw me at these two positions, I never had gotten official guidance as to what I was supposed to do, or more technically, on how to do it. I never had done purchase requisitions before or signed purchase orders. I never knew what a NET 30 account was or vendor forms and setting up the up for a account with different suppliers. All this stuff were things that I learned on the job by asking accounting or the admin assistant. When I got on the job I did have an Associates in Business, but I never got hired in for these jobs due to my degree, or especially told that I would be doing these things. I really enjoy my job and I still do work on all four positions: inventory, purchasing, facilities, and rides. I have the skills to do all four now, but after looking into purchasing and procurement jobs, I see a lot more opportunity in those careers. So now, after telling you my long winded background, what can I do to learn more about supply chain or procurement? I looked at certain jobs on Indeed and found that most are only asking for a Bachelors degree in Business, which is something that I will have by next Spring, and also some experience in purchasing/procurement/inventory. My problem is that even though i’m getting my degree and am getting some experience in purchasing/inventory, I am afraid that I wouldn’t be ready for a job in that at another since everything I am learning has been more self-taught than anything else. I see that getting a CSCP Certificate would make me more competitive, and it would also help me in learning more about the supply chain, but I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to that (plus I need my Bachelors first and 3 years related business experience). I just feel when it comes to trying to further myself in this as there was never anyone before me in this to be my mentor or who even holds the same kind of position that I have. Please, what is the best advice you have for me in trying to further myself? Would it be better to try and find a job as a purchaser in another so that I can jump start my career in this field of work? Only reason why I say this is because my official title has been changed from facilities technician to ride mechanic, but nowhere is it mentioned that 90% of what I do in the is inventory and purchasing. So if I leave years later with years of inventory/purchasing experience, will I even be able to put that on my resume? I’m afraid of leaving later on and not being able to say that I have this experience since my current doesn’t officially acknowledge it on paper.

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