Hello. Graduated last Fall with a bachelors in SCM.

I had a GPA just above a 3.0 with three internships, so I had several interviews with some very large . Well probably because I suck at interviews, I ended up with three offers around Thanksgiving out of some of these big that I interviewed with. These three offers were with small . One offered 55K to work in purchasing, one 45k to be a demand planner/buyer, and $1 an hour to be a logistics coordinator. I took the 55k one, but now I am having regrets.

I like the job a lot, the concerns are solely advancement opportunities. The company is a 500mil one, but in terms of there are two places I can advance, and that depends if the people in them on. I also am in competition with other people in my position for these roles.

Some of the companies I interviewed with were over a billion in revenue. A few were 12-15 billion. In these companies, you could probably move around easier at least to other supply chain positions.

Would you move laterally to a bigger company for more opportunities to advance or move around? This might be my move in two years .

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