September 15, 018

Welcome to two! 

I was recently part of an academic forum in Perth Australia where I had the honour to sit on a panel with Hanson.  wrote a highly influential report on and its application and influence in the Australian context, and we had a long conversation about the future of , how people in academic and state institutions are warming up to it, and how it can be applied, especially in an African context.


We got pretty deep into the conversation, and we went on long enough that it justified making this into two podcasts.  We pick up the conversation talking about whether regulatory bodies and academics are fast enough to keep up with the blockchain world.



Please note that the speakers in this podcast are not financial experts and are not offering financial advice



We hope you enjoy our show and feel free to reach out to us at or on Twitter through @NealKierans and @NWilliamsMBA

Intro reel and music by Sebastian Rodriguez from NTRPY,

Keep on Hashing!

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