Square , the division of the publicly traded payments that focuses exclusively on , just announced three new to work on open source projects.

Among them is Facebook and BitGo alum Arik Sosman, most recently a of the social media giant’s Calibra subsidiary. He told CoinDesk:

“My personal areas of interest are and [Layer 2] scalability, though we’ll see what the ultimately ends up working on. … I’m extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity to join this amazing , and to focus on contributing to the most important cryptocurrency and ecosystem.”

The other two notable hires, Lightning Labs alum Valentine Wallace and Google alum Jeffrey Czyz, are joining to help “grow the FOSS [free and open software] developer base,” according to company tweets.

Square Crypto is still hiring as well, looking for a designer to join the team led by former Google product director Steve Lee.

“Software engineering is far from the only realm people can make contributions to open-source projects in,” Sosman said. “Steve himself being a product manager is but one example.”

According to another company tweet Thursday, Square Crypto is still “deciding what our first project will be,” adding:

“There’s no project we won’t consider, as long as it improves or proliferates bitcoin.”

Jack Dorsey image via CoinDesk archives

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