March 2, 2019

Warehouse Management

An advanced Warehouse Management Systems () boosts e-commerce service levels, achieves cost reductions and offers real-time access to data in the warehouse.

Companies today need to take stock of the lessons learned from Amazon and Walmart.

Consumers today are demanding fast, convenient, omnichannel solutions with clear visibility as to when merchandise will be shipped, delivered, or ready for pickup.

To meet these demands, supply chain leaders need to know when their systems are burning out of control.

They must recognize the value of advanced, cloud-based systems to reduce overhead.

Managers should also use IoT-enabled systems to gather and analyze data, deriving insights into productivity improvements and potential problems before they arise.

The WMS will continue to expand, and companies wanting to stay competitive with Amazon, Walmart and even small to mid-sized businesses will need to rethink their use of an older, limited WMS.

As the use of continues to revolutionize supply chains, companies will need to upgrade to stay competitive.

The proof is in the market growth, and if your company is facing any of the top nine issues noted above, it may be time for you to upgrade as well.

In this white paper from Veridian, you’ll learn:

  • The State of the Warehouse Management System (WMS) Market
  • Why Demand for Cloud-Based Systems Will Shape the WMS Market
  • Forces of New WMS Adoption

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