by Angela Guess

According to a recent press release, “Unravel Data, the ’s only Application Performance Management (APM) platform designed for Big , today introduced APM for streaming . This new feature enables enterprises to improve performance and reliability of their Internet of Things (), real-time, and other streaming applications. Fortune 500 companies rely heavily on real-time applications to deliver up-to-the-second analytics and the best user experience – Unravel’s latest innovation helps these mission- applications maintain peak performance. We are witnessing a massive growth in the number of enterprise applications that process data in a real-time and streaming fashion as it arrives. Stream processing powers some of the most undertakings today such as algorithmic trading, autonomous cars, and health monitoring.”

The release goes on, “These streaming applications process real-time data feeds from IoT devices, financial transactions, social media comments, or from database update events. Systems like Kafka, Spark Streaming, and HBase have emerged as critical components of the Big Data stack to support these applications. These systems provide a unified and high-performance architecture for processing real-time data feeds. While this architecture has made it easy to create streaming applications, guaranteeing the performance and reliability of these applications is extremely challenging. If a streaming application starts to lag behind in processing data in real-time, then diagnosing the root cause takes considerable time and effort with current tools.”

Read more at Globe Newswire.

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