by Angela Guess

According to a recent press release, “Waterline Data, a global leader in cataloging solutions and applications, today unveiled the Metadata Discovery , a highly scalable solution designed to help the petabyte enterprise dramatically accelerate the discovery, governance and use of data. Based on advanced data virtualization technology, the new solution serves as a platform for multiple applications, from data cataloging for analytics to the newly launched GDPR compliance application. ‘As the second in Germany, Commerzbank has a huge data estate spanning multiple business units across multiple countries,’ said Kerem Tomak, EVP and Divisional Board Member, Data and Advanced Analytics at Commerzbank. ‘The Waterline Data platform is crucial to our enterprise-wide data initiative. By discovering our petabytes of data with automation and machine learning, Waterline Data makes it possible to surface, organize and use the bank’s data across all our business entities, so that we can gain new insight where it wasn’t possible before’.”

The release goes on, “The Waterline Metadata Discovery Platform was designed to resolve the challenges of high volume and dissimilar data by creating a -time, virtual view of the enterprise’s entire data estate as new data pours in. Waterline’s new platform is able to power a host of applications and use cases. The Data Catalog, the first application available on the platform, is already deployed in some of the largest organizations in the world. It provides an easy to use “shop for data” interface to the enterprise’s data estate to help business analysts find the data sets they need for self-service analytics without having to rely on IT.”

Read more at PRNewswire.

Photo credit: Waterline Data

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