was launched in May 2017, Texas and it offers data tools to carriers and shippers. The app matches truck drivers with cargo needed to be shipped. Furthermore, it shippers in tendering loads faster, as well as tracking them from start to finish. The app comes with many benefits, but some limitations as well.

Some of the main benefits that stand out include real-time tracking, dynamic scheduling and transparent pricing.

The -based spot pricing feature saves users all the additional time they would usually spend on back and forth negations with their broker, as per traditional trucking freight models. Uber Freight recently released a new innovative freight quoting tool, named Lane Explorer. This new feature, allows shippers to view real-time -based rates, up to two weeks ahead. Shippers can also lock in the future rates and build loads upon them.

Essentially, the app encompasses of a dashboard that allows shippers to log in and instantly get a quote (non-negotiable). Following, the shippers can build a load in seconds! Dispatchers on the other side, can instantly access the list of available freight loads and the driver’s availability. Unlike traditional freight where payment to truckers can take up to 90 days, Uber Freight guarantees payments within a week, while also offering higher rates for drivers waiting for a load.

As per their official website, “Uber Freight is lightening the load for carriers. Upfront, no-haggle pricing. Instant confirmed booking. Payment within 7 days of of delivery. From pick up to payday, the Uber Freight app is your all-in-one tool to book loads faster”.

“When we launched Uber Freight last year, our goal was to revitalize an industry and help freight move seamlessly and effortlessly around the country.” (


However, entering such a competitive market is not easy. The revenues of the trucking industry and Uber Freight are negatively correlated. Besides the trucking industry producing an annual revenue of $676.2 billion in 2016 and $700 billion in 2017, Uber Freight lost…LEARN MORE

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