As the 1st semester of my junior year is coming to an end 2 main options have come to fruition and I’m beginning to wonder which direction I should go:

  1. Add a minor to beef up my degree (mathematical sciences, or any recommended minors)

  2. Forget the minor, put full into the professional development programs my university offers (CPP, interview skills, résumé skills, etc)

The problem I’m facing is whether or not these programs through the Professional Development Center at my university will be beneficial to me in the workforce. Just worried about the time I have and what to do with it. Should I focus on getting more education or is it time to prepare for the workplace? Any recommendations or from current/old supply chain majors who’ve been through this and know the best way to go would be extremely helpful.

**Note: My university requires an internship to complete my Supply Chain degree
*Note: at a 4 yr public university located in the Mid-South US, in my 3rd year with a gpa of 3.63

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